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¡Reembolsos anuales de impuestos sobre la renta en camino!

Keystone continues to work diligently to quickly process the hundreds of thousands of local earned income tax returns received this tax season. Upon receipt, a comprehensive review of your tax return is performed to verify its accuracy. Some paper filed tax returns can be processed automatically, while others are more complex and require manual review and verification. As such, there can be an unavoidable delay in processing tax returns, and refund issuance timing may vary.

Residents can minimize delays by filing electronically using Keystone’s archivo electrónico. Electronic filing ensures receipt of your return at Keystone and allows you to better track the progress of your tax return reconciliation, including payment processing and issuance of your refund. If you opted to file by mail, failure to submit your tax return to the appropriate PO Box could result in a mail delivery delay for processing your tax return.

Keystone appreciates your patience as we process payments and issue refunds. Keystone’s Taxpayer Services Department is happy to assist you by answering questions but calling the office generally cannot expedite the processing of your tax return.


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