2020 Quarterly Vouchers Available in February

Quarterly estimated tax payment forms for tax year 2020 will be available online in February. The 2019 4th quarter forms are due in January, so they will remain online until the new 2020 forms are published in February.

First quarter earned income tax (EIT) payments are due by April 15, and 1st quarter Local Services Tax (LST) payments are due on April 30.

If Keystone typically mails your payment vouchers to you, they should arrive in February.

You don’t have to wait for forms to arrive in the mail or to be posted online to file your earned income tax estimates. Use e-file.

e-file lets you file your EIT quarterly estimate anytime that’s convenient for you. With e-file, you may report your quarterly income at any time during the quarter and then schedule payment to arrive on or before the statutory due date.

State law requires the self-employed to file and pay taxes quarterly. If your employer does not withhold the EIT from payroll, you are also required to file and pay tax quarterly. Late-filed payments or incorrect returns may result in statutory penalty, interest and Act 192 costs.