Can I determine if I am exempt from the per capita or occupation taxes, and file my exemption request online?

Yes. In most instances, your bill will list exemptions that apply in your taxing district. Exemptions vary by taxing district. Not all taxing districts offer exemptions to the per capita or occupation taxes.

In general, the following exemptions apply to most taxing districts:

Exemption ReasonAcceptable Documentation
Age – Under 18 years old as of January 1 of the tax yearBirth certificate or valid driver’s license
DeceasedDeath certificate or obituary
Non-resident/moved prior to January 1 of the tax yearLease, deed or utility bill from new jurisdiction

If you qualify for an exemption, you must file an exemption request every year.

Current per capita and occupation tax exemption requests can be filed online using Keystone’s e-Pay.

Delinquent per capita tax exemption and occupation tax exemption require a form to be submitted with supporting documentation and returned to Keystone via mail.