Prospect Park and Penndel Boroughs Adopt Earned Income Tax

Keystone Collections Group is the tax administrator for Prospect Park Borough’s (Delaware County) and Penndel Borough’s (Bucks County) newly adopted 1% earned income tax.

Borough taxpayers should take the following steps to ensure they do not experience issues with tax withholding:

  • Verify that your employer is withholding earned income tax at the correct rate.
  • Validate the municipality of your home address using the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Municipal Statistics Website.
  • Confirm that your correct address information is on file with your employer. This can be done by completing a residency certification form and providing it to your employer.
  • Out-of-state workers should ask employers to withhold the tax. Many out-of-state businesses already extend this courtesy to their employees who reside in Pennsylvania.

If your employer does not withhold the tax, or if you are self-employed, you must file your tax quarterly, which you may complete online.

If you have questions about the tax, visit Keystone’s FAQs.

Businesses can report employee withholdings online by accessing Keystone’s Business Portal.