Missed the Annual Earned Income Tax Filing Deadline?

Keystone is sending notices to over 249,000 Pennsylvania taxpayers who appear on the tax rolls but did not file a 2020 Final Local Earned Income Tax Return by the statutory deadline.

State law requires Pennsylvania residents with earned income, wages and/or net profits, to file an annual local earned income tax return along with supporting and withholding documentation, such as a W-2. You must file an annual local earned income tax return even if you are:

  • subject to employer withholding
  • not expecting a refund
  • a new resident of PA
  • a partial year resident of PA
  • retired – in the first year of your retirement with no income

If you pay state or local income tax to a jurisdiction outside of Pennsylvania, you must show proof that you have sufficient out-of-state tax credits to satisfy your local tax obligation. Credit for tax paid out of state applies only to the same items of income taxed out of state and in Pennsylvania.

Payments made after the tax deadline(s) are subject to statutory interest and costs. Taxpayers are required to take corrective action within 30 days of the date of the notice. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of statutory penalty, plus additional accrued interest and collection costs.

To be compliant with Pennsylvania law:

  • Confirm that your tax preparer filed your local taxes.
  • Recognize that some online systems like Turbo Tax do not support the preparation of PA local earned income tax returns.
  • Verify that you successfully completed your local filing via Keystone’s e-file system.

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