Upload Tax Documents Online

If you received a delinquent earned income tax notice but you believe that you do not owe some or all of the unpaid tax because of unapplied tax credits, previously unreported tax withholdings or other extenuating circumstances, you will need to provide supporting documentation to substantiate your claim.

You can quickly and easily submit the required documents and make your payment online using Keystone’s e-Pay. To get started:

  • Access Keystone’s e-Pay
  • Click Next at the bottom of the screen
  • On the Tax Invoice Number screen, input your invoice number and click Search
  • Select the Upload File tab on the right of the screen
  • Follow the directions presented on the screen to upload your file(s)
  • Once you submit your documents, you will be returned to the invoice search page for any other payment processing needs, if applicable

File upload requirements including file size, file type(s) and maximum limit limitations prior to upload are available on the site. Once you submit your file(s), please allow time for processing.

Currently, this service is only available for delinquent earned income tax accounts.